Bharat Kalyan Prathisthan ( A Unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad )

Child's Progress Profile


Que: What do I get from SAC program?

$250.00 donation will pay for education, housing, lodging & health care for one child for one year. You will receive a photograph and progress report of the child.

Que: How long will it take for me to get details of the child I will be supporting?

It may take from 2 months to 6 months, depending on the location.

Que: Can I specify a particular state where I would like to support a child in Bharat?

Yes you can. We will do our best to fulfill your desire. If no match is found, we will assign a child from our current pool.

Que: How is the child selected?

The child is selected by SAC volunteers from a list of assigned schools or hostels from our partner organizations.

Que: May I visit the child?

Yes, most definitely. You are encouraged to do so. Write to the SAC director in USA prior to your visit to Bharat.

Que: Can I write a letter to the child?

Please do write to the child to show that you care. When you write a letter to the child you may expect a reply.

Que: How much is the administrative cost?

The administrative cost is Nine (9)%.

Que: Is my contribution tax deductible? What is the Tax ID number?

Yes your contribution is 100% deductible. The IRS Tax ID number is 51-0156325.

Que: How is SAC different from Ekal?

Ekal supports one-teacher schools in tribal areas, whereas SAC pays for boarding, lodging and education for one child for one year in any part of Bharat.