Bharat Kalyan Prathisthan ( A Unit of Vishwa Hindu Parishad )

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Swami VivekanandWe want our children to be future leaders to protect the world, Leaders like lion, self reliant, courageous, majestic and just. We wish them to be king among men, like lion among animal.

Swami Vivekanand


Support a child scheme

One can support a child by paying us$200.00 (Rs.11,000/-) yearly to meet lodging and boarding expenses.

Adopt a Child
one may pay US$300.00 (Rs.16,000/-) to meet the full expenditure on account of educational & medical as well as lodging and boarding expenses of a child.

One Day Bhojan
One may pay US$7,500.00 (Rs.4,00,000/-) to meet the full expenditure on fooding i.e. breakfast, lunch, tiffin and dinner for one to all the inmates of hostels and Orphanagae in our prakalps all over the Bharat.

Bharat Kalyan Prathishthan sends every year a progress report of the child with the photographs, details of parents, Class, Name , Percentage of marks secured, subject & games of interest, performance etc. Now we are uploading these information in our newly started website so that one gets the information of a child of any centre, institution, state of Bharat.